`C-12' shows there's fight left in PlayStation titles

October 10, 2002|By Kevin Washington | Kevin Washington,SUN STAFF

In so many ways, we've seen C-12: Final Resistance before. Its post-apocalyptic urban settings where cars and buildings have been bombed out. Its alien invaders who think people are the other white meat. And the men-turned-into-cyborg soldiers that creep out the survivors of the apocalypse.

Despite the familiar sights and themes, there's much to praise about C-12, one of the better games developed recently for the aging Sony PlayStation, as more visually appealing games are developed for the PlayStation 2.

In C-12 ($30), published by Sony Computer Entertainment America, you play Lt. Riley Vaughan, who has been altered in a last-ditch attempt to battle the alien invaders. Your leaders have taken a step that even they find repulsive: Replacing a few of your body parts with robotic parts. The most important alteration, if you will, is the cybernetic implant in your eye that helps you to target and shoot the bad guys.

You're then off to do battle, linked only by radio to your superiors. As with most other third-person shooters (think Metal Gear Solid), you'll do battle with a variety of weapons along the way - in this game, they include a machine gun, ion cannon and cyborg energy sword.

The graphics for this Teen-rated (mild language and violence) game impress even on the PS One, which means they're better than most games that will play on the PlayStation.

While the combat can be heavy, you're really doing more than just running around shooting bad guys. You'll have to think your way through missions and know your weapons capabilities in order to move up over the six levels. Not a great puzzle-solver myself, I found C-12's little tests relatively hard. You'll have to look around and think about what you're doing to solve more than a few of these.

C-12 does fall down in one area: the controller. It leaves much to be desired for shooting and moving as efficiently as possible. In order to use your cyborg eye to target bad guys, you'll need to change to a targeting mode that doesn't allow you to move - which doesn't make my day at all.

Nevertheless, C-12 meets the basic requirements for an entertaining action game.

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