Attack-free campaign suggested

October 01, 2002

KENSINGTON - Democratic congressional candidate Christopher Van Hollen Jr. asked his Republican opponent, eight-term Rep. Constance A. Morella, yesterday to agree to a mutual ban on negative campaigning in their hotly contested 8th District race.

In a letter to Morella, he proposed that each avoid mentioning the other in campaign advertising and literature. "I hope that you will reconsider your current course and join me in pledging to run a positive, attack-free campaign," Van Hollen's letter said.

During her re-election campaigns, Morella, who could not be reached yesterday for a response, has generally avoided attacking her opponents in television spots.

This year, her advertising - she started with radio and began airing television commercials in Washington yesterday - includes criticism of Van Hollen. Specifically, Morella admonishes him for not agreeing to her proposal that the two candidates refrain from advertisements funded by special-interest money from outside groups.

Morella also began running a second TV ad yesterday promoting her record in Congress.

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