Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

September 29, 2002

Time to expand Carroll water system

Every person driving over Liberty Reservoir has noticed our current drought. Many citizens of Carroll County have opinions on how to restructure the water system in Southern Carroll County. Most oppose a treatment plant at Piney Run.

I, personally, would like to see the development of an integrated water system with multiple sources and system redundancy, so we are not reliant upon a single water treatment plant.

Maybe it's time to let the engineers have their say in the development of an integrated system for the county and let the county commissioners take a seat, so to speak, and listen to the experts.

Over the years we have had repeated periods of drought, and like any resource, water is where you find it. The question of how to improve the water situation in Southern Carroll County seems to have polarized into building a treatment plant on Piney Run Lake or improving the existing plant on Liberty Reservoir.

Why not both, and throw in a couple of deep wells to boot?

It's time to open our eyes and ears and to prepare for possibly even worse drought conditions in the future.

Steven Zyla


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