In Their Own Words

September 27, 2002


Rep. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.: "We go places Republican candidates have never gone before, and we're not afraid to do it. And we go with a message that's a positive message, you know. We're not scared. We operate outside our comfort zone."

Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: "Let me tell you: This is not Star Trek. African-Americans are not aliens. They are a part of our community, and I think that it has not been a part of your comfort zone. That's the problem with your party for a long period of time."


Townsend: "I put out a 32-page blueprint for Maryland - what I'm running for, what I want to achieve. ... He didn't lay out a record of what he wanted to do. So, what did we have to do? We looked at what he had done in Congress. I think it's very important when you run for governor [that] you ask, `What have you done in the past?' so you can know how do you judge the future."

Ehrlich: "Lieutenant Governor, with all due respect, you've never been elected to anything at any time on your own. And this is governor. You know what? This is serious business. Ma'am, you've never had to vote on war or abortion or tort reform or the budget or anything."


Ehrlich: "Aren't we all tired of getting our brains beat out by Delaware and West Virginia? Marylanders vote with their automobiles every night of the week: By the thousands we go to racetracks. ... It's not true, [but] I heard the rumor that the legislatures of Delaware and West Virginia have endorsed your candidacy for governor."

Townsend: "The reason I oppose slots is very simple: I don't want any more addiction. I don't want any more street crime. I don't want to hurt any more small businesses."


Townsend: "The fact is, you have a very conservative record. That doesn't make you a bad person. It just makes you a bad governor of Maryland."

Ehrlich: "I feel really comfortable running on this record after 16 years in this state, my state."


Townsend: "For me, education is at the top of my budget, not the bottom. That means it [Thornton] is going to be fully funded. Thornton is not the ceiling of our education commitment, it's the floor. I also want to make sure we have school construction funding."

Ehrlich: "With regard to Thornton, I can pay for it, you can't. We're $1.7 [billion] in the hole. If you're going to advocate a massive tax increase, let's do it now. Five weeks before the election, let's find out."


Ehrlich: "This is your budget. We have a $1.7 billion budget deficit in this state. ... Families have to pay their bills. The state has to pay their bills. And guess what? The tab came due and it has your name on it."

Townsend: "Unlike your budget plan, ... my budget plan would pass the legislature. Your budget plan doesn't even pass the laugh test." ON LITTLE MATTERS Townsend: "I see you on TV. You are changing your child's diapers or saying that you have. ... That's really wonderful, but if changing a diaper's the issue in this campaign, I win. Hands down."

Ehrlich: "I heard you took a shot at Drew [Ehrlich's 3-year-old son] in Western Maryland. He didn't appreciate it. Oh, man. What can you say to that?"

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