`NYPD Blue' counts on Sipowicz in opener

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September 24, 2002|By David Zurawik

Amid all the talk of new series, it is easy to forget about the old. One of the oldest network series, NYPD Blue, returns for another season tonight, and I am happy to report there is still much life in this venerable cop drama from Steven Bochco.

The secret of success for NYPD Blue is a simple one: Stick with Sipowicz - Dennis Franz's Detective Andy Sipowicz, every bit as much a television classic as any of the great British detectives like Inspector Morse. Enjoy him now, because we are really going to miss this guy when he's gone.

In tonight's season opener, Bochco wastes no time sticking Sipowicz back into the great emotional cauldron of race when an African-American woman spits on the detective and he pushes her to the ground. The woman is the lady friend of a big-time drug dealer who wants Sipowicz dead for what he did. The hour roils with anger, rage and racial confrontation.

The politics of treating race in this emotional a manner are complicated, and Bochco is celebrated by some and villified by others for it. But no other cop drama this side of Homicide: Life on the Street has ever done a better job of putting race on the front burner of public discourse. And no character has made us reflect more about our own feelings on the issue than Sipowicz.

NYPD Blue airs at 10 tonight on WMAR (Channel 2).

At a glance

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Compiled from wire reports by Sarah Kickler Kelber

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