Top Five Passers

September 23, 2002


Player, Team C-A Yds TD

Brady, Patriots 39-54 410 4

Favre, Packers 31-47 357 3

Couch, Browns 36-50 326 3

McNabb, Eagles 24-37 287 3

Bledsoe, Bills 27-41 283 2


Player, Team Att Yds TD

Holmes, Chiefs 30 180 2

Smith, Panthers 30 154 2

Williams, Dolphins 24 151 1

Thomas, Bears 27 111 0

Portis, Broncos 18 103 1


Player, Team Rec Yds TD

Brown, Patriots 16 176 1

Freeman, Eagles 6 118 1

Harrison, Colts 8 110 0

Patten, Patriots 7 108 1

Toomer, Giants 4 100 0

They said it

"You guys keep using that word surprised. Nothing surprises me. Am I pleased? Am I happy? Am I proud of where our team is? Yes. But not surprised."

John Fox, Panthers coach, on his team's 3-0 start.

"I don't think anybody's confidence is wavering. We're going to have to stick together, because everybody outside of the locker room is probably going to take shots at us and tell us how bad we are."

Vinny Testaverde, Jets quarterback, after a 30-3 loss to the Dolphins dropped the team to 1-2.

"They have a right to boo. I threw a pick for a touchdown in a crucial part of the game. I probably would be booing, too, if I'd never played the sport in the NFL."

Jake Plummer, Cardinals quarterback, on being jeered at home.

"Troy makes the offense go. It's like: `When in doubt, give it to Troy.' There's no mystery about that."

Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback, on wide receiver Troy Brown, who had a team-record 16 catches for 176 yards.

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