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September 08, 2002|By Special to the Sun

A Memorable Place

By Barbara Kaplan Bass


Making the news in a Philadelphia park

I enter the park through one of the grand balustrades. I love strolling with my granddaughter in this urban Philadelphia sanctuary, past the wizened women in wheelchairs pushed by their nurses, past students and young lovers on park benches, past the lawyers and secretaries seeking a brief respite in the park.

What a lucky child my 18-month-old granddaughter is to have Rittenhouse Square as her back yard.

We walk past the empty reflecting pool, now filled with children playing within its stone confines. Because today is unusually hot, I spread a blanket under the trees, away from the young people playing guitar and Frisbee. On the cool grass, I talk to my granddaughter and she drinks in the language. I teach her all about takeout food and Star Wars and Anne of Green Gables. Occasionally, someone stops to compliment her. I feel it is my civic duty to share her cuteness with the people of Philadelphia.

From our square of white linen, I notice a TV reporter interviewing people on the park benches. I could really do my civic duty if I got the baby on local television. I send out waves of energy and see the reporter turn her head and look our way. I turn my attention away so she won't know that she is under my spell.

"Hi," she says to me, bending down with her microphone. "Do you mind if we ask you a few questions about the heat?"

I look up, acting surprised. No, we don't mind. No, the heat doesn't bother us here in the shade. There's a nice breeze and we have sunblock on, just in case a stray beam finds its way through the canopy. I hold the baby up so the cameraman can get a good shot of her.

I love this park in the middle of the Center City neighborhood. I love the artists at work in front of the sundial, the strains of "Amazing Grace" emanating from a bagpiper in front of the reflecting pool, and the toddlers who congregate near the statue of "Billy" the goat and rub his gold horns for good luck.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Rittenhouse is one of five squares designed by William Penn. Named for astronomer and clockmaker David Rittenhouse, its current layout dates from a 1913 redesign. The diagonal walkways begin at the corners and meet at an oval plaza in the center, which is ringed by a circular walk. The park in all seasons is filled with music, markets, exhibits and festivals.

At 5 p.m., we return to my granddaughter's apartment and find that we are the top story on the local news. My granddaughter's little face fills the screen, and our day in the park is captured forever on videotape.

Barbara Kaplan Bass lives in Baltimore.

My Best Shot

A desert sanctuary

Alan Caplan, Baltimore

"This picture is of a beautiful natural landscape called Red Rock Canyon, about 20 miles west of the Las Vegas strip in the Nevada desert, far removed from the glitz of high-rise hotels and casinos. Because this area is so arid, it's amazing to see how plants and animals have adapted to the conditions and thrived in the desert. The canyon is a place to sit, relax and appreciate the wonders of nature."

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St. Peter's, Rome

Bennard Perlman, Baltimore

"Earlier this summer, while visiting the map and tapestry galleries of the Vatican Museum, I was poised to take a photograph of the dome of St. Peter's, which was designed by Michelangelo. But then a guide whispered to me: 'There is only one window from which you can get an unobstructed view.' I followed her advice, and got a better picture of this architectural masterpiece."

Juneau, Alaska

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