Nfl Week 1

September 08, 2002


Team Ken Murray's comment

1. Green Bay Brett Favre's best last chance.

2. New England Is Bill Belichick the Zen master?

3. St. Louis In this case, the preseason means nothing., 4. Pittsburgh Steelers have a chip on their shoulders.

5. Philadelphia Andy Reid elected to stand pat.

6. San Francisco Keeping Jeff Garcia healthy is crucial.

7. Miami Ricky Williams leaves Dolphins no excuses.

8. Chicago Playing in Champaign, Ill., will be brutal.

9. N.Y. Jets Retooled defense will prove pivotal.

10. Indianapolis Peyton Manning has to deliver.

11. Cleveland William Green makes a big difference.

12. Oakland It's a last hurrah for the aged.

13. Tennessee Titans have chance to bounce back big.

14. Tampa Bay What's Jon Gruden's glower worth?

15. Denver Brian Griese can't afford a bad start.

16. Washington Steve Spurrier's offense, ego on the line.

17. New Orleans Saints were out of control last year.

18. Dallas Emmitt Smith deserves a playoff run.

19. Seattle Seahawks are waiting on Trent Dilfer.

20. Cincinnati The place where QBs go to disappear.

21. Buffalo Drew Bledsoe makes Bills competitive.

22. Kansas City Was Trent Green a major mistake?

23. San Diego Marty Schottenheimer's old-school team.

24. Atlanta Ready or not, it's Michael Vick's time.

25. N.Y. Giants New line, no running game.

26. Minnesota Real life continues to intervene.

27. Ravens Getting past Carolina is imperative.

28. Arizona The treadmill to nowhere keeps rolling.

29. Jacksonville Tom Coughlin is starting over.

30. Carolina Lost six games by three points or fewer.

31. Detroit Joey Harrington won't have to wait long.

32. Houston David Carr's pass protection vanished.

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