Anne Arundel County primaries

September 08, 2002

County Executive

Republican:Tom Angelis

Phillip D. Bissett

Democratic:Janet S. Owens

County Council, District 1

Democratic:Pamela G. Beidle

Republican:Bob Gouge

County Council, District 2

Democratic:Paul T. Falkler

Daniel E. Klosterman Jr.

Republican: Edward Middlebrooks

County Council, District 3

Republican:Ron Dillon Jr.

Thomas Redmond

Democratic:Shirley Murphy

County Council, District 4

Democratic:Bill D. Burlison

Terry Wilson

Republican:Michael Malone

County Council, District 5

Democratic:George Maloney

Republican:Cathleen M. Vitale

County Council, District 6

Democratic: Barbara D. Samorajczyk

County Council, District 7

Democratic: Patricia O'Brien Boarman

Peter Perry

Bill Rinehart

Republican:Edward R. Reilly

David Wayson

State's Attorney

Democratic: Frank Weathersbee

Republican:Michael W. Burns

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Democratic:Mike Serabian

Republican: Robert P. Duckworth

Register of Wills

Republican: George M. Nutwell Jr.

Judge of the Circuit Court

Circuit 5

(Both)Nancy Davis-Loomis

Paul A. Hackner

Judge of the Orphan's Court (3 spots)

Democratic: Jacqueline Boone Allsup

Joan Duckett

Alex Carter Gudger

Greg Harthausen

Paul R. Shelby

Republican:Nancy C. Phelps

Ronald A. Pullen

Gail J. Schaffer

Gordon H. Witherspoon


Democratic: George F. Johnson IV

Republican: John Edwards Moran IV

State Senate, District 21 (1 seat)

Democratic:Arthur Dorman

John A. Giannetti Jr.

State Senate, District 30 (1 seat)

Democratic:John C. Astle

Republican: Nora Criss-McIntire

Keenan Andy Smarick

State Senate, District 31 (1 seat)

Democratic:Philip C. Jimeno

Republican:David K. Kyle

State Senate, District 32 (1 seat)

Democratic: James E. DeGrange, Sr.

Republican: Terrill R. Gilleland Jr.

State Senate, District 33 (1 seat)

Democratic:Robert R. Neall

Republican:Janet Greenip

House of Delegates, District 21 (3 seats)

Democratic:Angie Como

Barbara A. Frush

Christopher P. Keene

Pauline H. Menes

Jeanne Mignon

Brian R. Moe Rex C. Smith

Republican:Kevin L. Bruening

Bernadine Shettle

House of Delegates, District 30 (3 seats)

Democratic:Michael E. Busch

Virginia P. Clagett

C. Richard D'Amato

Shirley May Little

Republican:Nancy Almgren

Michael Collins

Dave Lubrano

Herbert H. McMillan

House of Delegates, District 31 (3 seats)

Democratic:Joan Cadden

Thomas J. Fleckenstein

Kevin A. McLean

Mary Rosso

Republican:Don Dwyer

Thomas R. Gardner

Carl G. Holland

John R. Leopold

House of Delegates, District 32 (3 seats)

Democratic:Mary Ann Love

Theodore J. Sophocleus

Victor A. Sulin

Republican:Robert W. Burton

Robert G. Pepersack Sr.

John F Pilkins Jr.

James E. Rzepkowski

David P. Starr, David Alan Tibbetts

House of Delegates, District 33A (2 seats)

Democratic:Steve Rizzi

Jim Snider

Republican:David Boschert

Sean C. Logan

Tony McConkey

Elizabeth Vicky Overbeck

House of Delegates, District 33B (1 seat)

Democratic:Dotty Chaney

Thomas McCarthy Sr.

Republican:Bob A. Costa Larry Myers

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