Legislative districts

Election 2002

August 30, 2002

Today, The Sun continues its Sept. 10 primary endorsements with a look at races in state legislative districts 6, 7 and 8.

THE RUN-UP to this year's elections made Baltimore County -- and especially Dundalk -- the epicenter of Maryland politics. Sliced and diced by Democratic politicians, Dundalk stood as the most egregious example of their gerrymandering.

Dundalk's favorite son, Sen. Norman R. Stone Jr., went to court, won and changed the political map for the entire state. Districts 6, 7 and 8 on the east side of Baltimore County were thoroughly reconfigured by the Court of Appeals.

FOR THE RECORD - Friday's endorsement editorial erroneously said there were no Republican primaries in the District 7 race for the Maryland House of Delegates. In fact, there are, and endorsements in that race will appear on Sunday's editorial page. The Sun regrets the error.

With the new district shapes came a throng of new candidates, including several eager to capitalize on their success in defeating an unpopular renewal project known as "509" after the Senate bill that proposed it.

District 6: Senator Stone is unopposed in both the primary and the general election, so his return to the legislature is ensured.

In the Democratic primary for the three House of Delegates seats, The Sun endorses veteran Del. John S. Arnick, a man whose gruff exterior hides a reverence for the law. An insider in Annapolis, he should be held to a high standard as a producer for his county. Also endorsed are Bill Batton, an active promoter of many worthy causes, and incumbent Del. Jake Mohorovic, whose constituent service gains him our support.

There is no Republican primary.

District 7: This newly drawn district combines areas previously represented by two incumbent senators. One of them, Sen. Diane DeCarlo, wins The Sun's endorsement in the Democratic primary. She is particularly notable for reflecting the will of voters in helping to defeat 509. The other, Republican Sen. Andrew P. Harris, is unopposed.

For the House of Delegates, The Sun endorses Del. Nancy M. Hubers, the only Democratic incumbent seeking re-election; Randy Cogar, who would bring a businessman's perspective to lawmaking; and former Del. Donna M. Felling, a nurse whose experience in health care is needed in a legislative body certain to be focusing on that issue. There is no Republican primary.

District 8: Democratic Del. Katherine A. Klausmeier gets the endorsement for state Senate. There is no Republican primary.

The Sun endorses House of Delegates Democratic candidates Ruth Baisden, a thoughtful community volunteer; Todd L. Schuler, an energetic law clerk; and Tim Caslin, a 31-year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department.

The best Republican candidates for the House of Delegates are seasoned incumbent Del. Alfred W. Redmer Jr.; Mark Joseph Austra-Jaskulski, a 22-year-old newcomer with unusually broad political experience for someone so young; and Mike Rupp, a 15-year veteran of the Baltimore County Fire Department.


The Sun's endorsements in the Sept. 10 primary elections resume with a look at state legislative races in districts 5B, 10, 11, 12A and 42.

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