The Flying Karamazov Brothers

Best Bet -- Family

August 29, 2002|By Lori Sears | Lori Sears,SUN STAFF

Some professions require good catching skills. Take, for example, a center fielder, a wide receiver, an obstetrician. And, hey, let's not forget the exceptional catching skills required of a professional juggler.

If you appreciate a good catch - and a handsome throw, for that matter - you'll want to check out one of the performances of the Flying Karamazov Brothers, Tuesday through Sept. 15 at the Kennedy Center in Washington. The Brothers' current show is aptly named "Catch!" and features new juggling antics, tricks and stunts, as well as bits from their previous shows.

As usual, each show will include the skit "The Gamble," in which audience members present challenging objects to one of the brothers and dare him to juggle them for 10 seconds. These guys can catch almost anything.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers presents "Catch!" Tuesday through Sept. 15 at the Kennedy Center, off Virginia and New Hampshire avenues Northwest, Washington. Times vary. $25. Call 800-444-1324.

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