Public housing plan has been a fiasco The latest...

Letters to the Editor

August 25, 2002

Public housing plan has been a fiasco

The latest developments in the New Bloomsbury Square project just serve to underscore what an incredible fiasco this idea has been from the beginning.

How is it that the city of Annapolis was not involved from the beginning? How could it not be foreseen that they have specific requirements that would have to be met? How is it that adequate soil testing was not performed before the project was even approved? Granite curbs? What's a granite curb? I've never known anything but concrete curbs in my life. And yes, I suffer with carpet in my house instead of hardwood floors and I manage to get by with no community center, let alone a single story one.

Who's in charge here? Oh yeah, Parris. I should have known.

Greg Canterbury


Caregivers deserve better state support

How appalling that so many caregivers in Anne Arundel County and across Maryland are going without the aid that they deserve due to scant resources. Caring for somebody who is in the final stages of multiple sclerosis, adopting a granddaughter whose mother is a drug addict, or committing to be the sole supporter of somebody who is legally blind is an absolutely wonderful, selfless and life-changing decision to make. And the people in society who make this difficult decision, usually out of love, should have the gratitude of the rest of our state's residents. I am disgusted that so many people find themselves in this trying predicament, and must still worry about receiving adequate funding from the state.

What is even more appalling is that these dedicated Anne Arundel County caregivers receive their pitiful $119,611 from the state, to be distributed among them, on the heels of a $7.8 million state-funded public housing program in Annapolis that will put granite sidewalks, brick exteriors and hardwood floors into the hands of those who aren't disabled, don't contribute to society and haven't done a thing to earn it. The problem does not appear to be lack of resources, but misplaced priorities.

Michael DeCicco


Stuck in school with no air conditioning

Just a thought about the recent demands of female prisoners regarding air conditioning in their jail. Perhaps someone should take the time to go sit in a classroom in an Anne Arundel County school which doesn't have air conditioning. In just a few weeks, your children are going to be sitting in this school which has no air conditioning, trying to get an education. Prisoners are in jail because they broke the law. Children are in schools because it is the law and they're sitting there with no air conditioning. This school is Woodside Elementary, and my daughter-in-law is a teacher there. It's her job, she has to be there, and there's no air conditioning.

Diana Smith


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