Cards direct 200 voters to the wrong address

Corrections should arrive today, elections chief says

August 22, 2002|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

About 200 Ellicott City-area voters directed to a church as their new polling place on voter cards mailed last week were given the wrong address, Howard County election officials say.

Robert J. Antonetti, the elections board administrator, said new cards direct voters to Shepherd's Life Church of God, 4992 Montgomery Road. He said voter cards with the correct address should arrive in today's mail.

With population growth reflected in the 2000 census and boundary changes from redistricting, Howard will have 93 precincts this year instead of 85. In addition, new district lines split some precincts, sending some of the county's 144,000 voters to new polling places.

Valerie and Pat McGuire told the board about the error after getting their cards and trying to find the church at the listed address. They found a vacant lot.

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