Team rankings

August 18, 2002

Team Peter Schmuck's comment

1. Braves (1) No serious weakness.

2. Diamondbacks (2) Turn out the lights in NL West.

3. Yankees(3) No challenge forthcoming from Red Sox.

4. Angels (5) Comeback kids seem unstoppable.

5. Mariners (4) No longer playoff lock.

6. Athletics(8) Still headed north.

7. Twins(6) Coasting instead of contracting.

8. Dodgers(10) Thank God for wild-card race.

9. Giants(9) Ditto.

10. Red Sox (7) No curse. Just second best.

11. Cardinals (9) Heat is on from Houston.

12. Astros(12) Coming out of nowhere.

13. Reds(13) Estes should help them stay in hunt.

14. Expos(14) Solid .500 team.

15. Orioles(16) Still not over the hump.

16. Mets(15) Piazza sore. Mets snore.

17. White Sox(17) Thomas waking up too late.

18. Phillies(19) Still could finish second.

19. Indians(23) Faithful Thome still swinging.

20. Rockies(21) As usual, can't win on road.

21. Pirates(22) Barely afloat.

22. Royals(25) Sweeney back in tune.

23. Marlins(18) Stick a fork in them.

24. Rangers(29) A-Rod still earning keep.

25. Blue Jays(20) Queue up that Joe Carter video.

26. Cubs(24) Still a one-man show.

27. Padres(26) Mission impossible.

28. Tigers(30) Don't make good pets.

29. Brewers (27) This brew is not for you.

30. Devil Rays(28) Endangered species ... we hope.

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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