Taylor project has lingering questions The county...

Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2002

Taylor project has lingering questions

The county utilized a public solicitation to award [the David Taylor Redevelopment property] this property to a private developer. By virtue of imposed constraints and below-market pricing, the county has effectively subsidized the half-mile of waterfront property on Annapolis Harbor in return for control of its development. Based on the county's study and assurance, the surrounding communities have generally endorsed the county's original "re-use" plan but citizens continue to show concern that there are inadequate controls in place to ensure the developer complies with his commitments and the original parameters of that plan.

The potential size of the development has since increased by 35 percent over the original re-use plan through changes made in the development agreement. Concern regarding this, together with the complexities of the ... process, has prolonged the review and acceptance process. In either circumstance, neither the public nor the council is attributable to the delay.

Additionally, the developer has submitted traffic studies that include apparent errors such as traffic counts that do not reflect regional growth during the period of development and that artificially inflated the current background volume attributable to the present space occupied at the David Taylor facility. The current development agreement merely provides for a limit on the number of vehicles that can go into or out of the project and has not addressed the future impact of the development on the surrounding roads.

Fortunately, the Anne Arundel citizens and some of the council members do care and continue to publicly voice responsible, non-reactionary questions to the developer that must be answered before constructing this important waterfront property into a development likely to function for the next 70 years. I believe the county should, out of respect for their citizens' concerns regarding traffic, take the time to responsibly conduct a current traffic analysis, independent of the developer, before handing over the property.

Bob Schofield


Being too choosy when others pay

I find it truly unbelievable that Annapolis public housing residents are refusing to sign off on their new homes because they want hardwood floors instead of carpet and brick exteriors instead of wood siding. And the City of Annapolis is no better, insisting that the granite curbs not be replaced by concrete. Speaking as somebody who has worked his entire life and never had more than a week vacation in 20 years, I would like to reassure the future public housing residents of the New Bloomsbury Square development that wood siding, carpeted floors and concrete curbs are not the end of the world. In fact, they are standard amenities in the houses of most of the working people who are footing the bill for this ridiculous project.

Michael DeCicco


Crisis center benefits from festival

On July 20, the annual Eastport A-Rocking Street Festival was held in Annapolis, Attendance was good and those who were there seemed to have a great time. A portion of the proceeds from this annual event go to the Sexual Assault Crisis Center.

The Sexual Assault Crisis Center provides many services to the residents of Anne Arundel County. These services include: the training and supervision of the Hospital Advocacy Volunteers for victims of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse and domestic violence; individual ongoing therapy and group therapy for victims and families; the Hot Line; and emergency therapy appointments and psychiatric evaluations. The services are provided without cost. The Hot Line telephone number is 410-222-7273 and the general telephone number for the Sexual Assault Crisis Center is 410-768-1875.

Those who attended Eastport A-Rockin this year can feel confident that the portion of the proceeds that went to the Sexual Assault Crisis Center will be used for the residents of Anne Arundel County who need these services. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Christina M. Koch


The writer chairs the Anne Arundel County Sexual Assault Center Advisory Board.

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