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Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2002

Ehrlich endorsement a political blunder

Bob Ehrlich's endorsement of all the incumbent Carroll County commissioners and candidate Primoff is ill-conceived and shows his ignorance of our county's pathetic political leadership, as well as the shenanigans of special interest groups.

Ehrlich is playing pure politics in vying for Republican votes in the county. What neither he nor his advisers have taken the time to understand are the key issues and lack of leadership that will be voted upon during the upcoming primary and general elections.

As a Republican, I am appalled by Ehrlich's endorsement. It reeks of desperation. He must think that all Republicans in this county believe that their present Republican-run government is doing a good job and deserves re-election. To the contrary, many Republicans in the county have expressed just the opposite. I believe that Ehrlich's endorsement will cost him votes in Carroll County, because there are those of us who are fed up with the current regime and big money interests. It leaves me, personally, with a dilemma. Do I vote for an uninformed, politically motivated Ehrlich, or do I not vote for governor at all? I'm sure that I'm not alone with this dilemma.

It is a political blunder and shame that Ehrlich has decided to make this announcement at all, let alone for the primaries. At least the Carroll County Democrats have said that it is not their policy to make any endorsements for the primaries. They deserve credit for that stance.

Russ Weber


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