Obtaining those state quarters could require exploring options

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August 18, 2002|By Neil Downing | Neil Downing,PROVIDENCE JOURNAL

This is about the state quarters. I've been unable to locate the Louisiana quarter, and, you know, I've been collecting these coins for a while now, and I'm wondering how I can get them.

The U.S. Mint is still cranking out millions of state quarters, but not as many as before. As a result, it might not be as easy as it once was to get your hands on each new state quarter, so you'll have to be a bit more patient, and check your pocket change more carefully.

Another option is to buy the coins directly from the Mint, either by telephone at 800-872- 6468, or via the agency's Web site, www.usmint.gov.

Bear in mind that the Mint charges somewhat more than the value of the underlying coins, to cover packaging and other such expenses. A two-roll set (holding 80 coins) costs $32, for example. A 100-coin bag is $35.50.

Still, ordering directly might be worth checking out, especially if you're a collector. About 125 million Americans are collecting the state quarters issued by the Mint. Since 1999, the Mint has been issuing five new state quarters every year. Eighteen are in general circulation; two more are due this year.

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