How to save e-mail photos to transfer


August 15, 2002|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Running Windows XP Home Edition, I have received several photos via e-mail that I would like to save. How can I send them to the "My Pictures" folder so that I can transfer them to a floppy or a CD?

When one opens an e-mail with a photograph attached, the picture gets displayed in a pane just below the e-mail message proper. If one looks closely at the displayed photo, one will see an icon for a small paper clip. If you click that icon you get choices to either open the picture or Save Attachment.

Choose Save Attachment and you will see a box with the file name and a Browse icon. Click that and then go through the folders that are displayed until you find My Pictures and pick that. From then on all pictures will be sent to My Pictures when you use the paper clip icon.

It's possible to move pictures to folders you create or to other places on the machine, such as the desktop, this way.

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