Ravens Profile:Dave Pruce

August 14, 2002|By Mary Beth Kozak

Dave Pruce

Position: Offensive tackle

College: Buffalo

Who he is: Signed as a free agent on July 24, Pruce is in Ravens camp for the second straight year. At 6 feet 7, 286 pounds, he was known for putting defensive linemen onto the ground in college. He had 25 "pancake" blocks as a junior.

Favorite football moment: "Playing against the Giants in our last preseason game here last year. It was just fun and it was the first time the teams had met since the Super Bowl. It was a really good atmosphere and it was a good game. We ended up coming back and winning it while I was in the game. It was a good experience."

What he misses about home: "I don't miss anything. I'd rather be playing ball."

Ravens mentor: "Mike Flynn. He came from a small school [Maine]. He didn't have it easy coming into the league, he just worked hard. He did what he had to do to stick. He made himself into a good player and he's stayed in the league for years. It's inspiring as a guy coming from a similar situation."

How he spends his free time: "I like to hunt, I like the outdoors, and I like to play golf."

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