Tentative pacts OK'd for Carroll schools

Teachers, administrators to get 4% raise in 2 years

August 13, 2002|By Jennifer McMenamin | Jennifer McMenamin,SUN STAFF

The Carroll County school board and unions representing teachers, principals and administrators tentatively agreed yesterday to contracts that would give the employees the equivalent of a 4 percent raise over the next two years.

The deals - which broke impasses between the school board and the employee groups - must be ratified by the 1,400-member teachers union and by the union representing 140 administrators and be signed by the board before the agreements can take effect.

After six months of negotiations and seven hours of working with a mediator, the tentative agreements bring the school system closer to concluding the most contentious bargaining in years.

The Carroll Association of School Employees - representing 500 secretaries, clerks, nurses and teaching assistants - remains at an impasse with the board. Union representatives will meet with board negotiators and a mediator next week.

The tentative agreements were signed yesterday afternoon after Stephen Guthrie, the school system's assistant superintendent of administration, met with three members of the school board - President Susan W. Krebs, Susan G. Holt and C. Scott Stone - in closed session to share the results of mediation. Board members Thomas G. Hiltz and Gary W. Bauer did not attend the closed-door briefing at North Carroll High School, where the other board members had attended a luncheon for newly hired teachers.

"Everyone feels very good about having amicably worked out a settlement without having an arbiter mandate or suggest a settlement," Guthrie said. Cindy Wheeler, president of the Carroll County Education Association, the teachers union, and Hal Fox, who represents the teachers union and CASE, were also at the orientation. Guthrie met with them after the board's session to go over the proposal. Wheeler signed the tentative agreement on the spot.

The agreement calls for base salary scales to be increased by 6 percent over two years. But because the raises take effect in mid-year, employees' pay would reflect a 4 percent raise from February to June 2004. Teachers, administrators, principals and supervisors would receive a 2 percent raise in February, a 2 percent raise in July next year and a 2 percent raise six months later, but their take-home pay would amount to 4 percent more than they earned under the 2000-2001 salary scale.

The agreement also would require employees to pay more of ballooning health care costs and in the second year of the contract, caps the number of unused sick days for which a retiring employee can be paid.

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