A Memorable Place Exploring the West by houseboat By...


August 11, 2002|By Special to the Sun

A Memorable Place

Exploring the West by houseboat

By Gail Parker


When it came time to plan a family vacation, the consensus was to go west -- to the land of cactus and lizard, howling coyote and a million stars.

But this would be a Western adventure with a watery twist. We would be houseboating on Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona, in a desert canyon that had been flooded and turned into a lake.

No small thing, this lake. From the sky it looked like a shimmering blue insect crawling on the dusty land. But up close it looked downright formidable. The lake is 187 miles long and has more than 90 major side canyons with huge formations of barren rock that shoot straight up from the canyon floor like skyscrapers. Our houseboat was tiny in comparison.

As we left the safety of Wahweap Marina and headed out into Glen Canyon, I grew a little panicky hunting for familiar sights to navigate by. These rusty red formations have specific names on the map, like Castle Rock and Cookie Jar Butte, but they all looked the same to me.

Would we get lost? As it turned out, we would -- but not hopelessly so. And in time the lake grew familiar.

By day we'd navigate the lake, searching for spots like Rainbow Bridge, a spectacular natural arch formed by stream erosion. We explored Indian sites, caught lizards and photographed cactus and tumbleweed.

I'd watch as my husband and kids hiked the huge hills, growing smaller and finally disappearing into the landscape. Some-times we'd fish, the bass nearly leaping onto our lines, and sometimes we'd jump off the houseboat into the cool, clear water.

The great thing about houseboats is how quickly you can figure them out. Yes, they're boxy and slow, but they're also easy enough to maneuver. So when it came time to "dock" for the evening, all we had to do was nudge our bow onto the shore and dig our anchors into the sand behind some sturdy rocks, keeping the stern of the boat -- and the propellers -- safe in the water.

At night, after a simple meal, we'd watch the bats fluttering through the sky and play cards or read until the darkness overtook us. Then we'd listen for the call of the coyote as the water rocked us to sleep.

Somehow, this vacation has followed me home. When I drive by Loch Raven Reservoir, I invariably search the shoreline for the perfect mooring for a houseboat. When I look over the photos we took, I can almost feel that desert sun and hear the shush of the water. I see our family grinning at the camera and remember our best vacation ever.

Gail Parker lives in Timonium.

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