Team rankings

August 11, 2002

Team Roch Kubatko's comment

1. Braves (1) Is it still a race with only one team?

2. Diamondbacks (3) Big mistake making Randy mad.

3.Yankees (2) What's wrong with Mussina?

4.Mariners (5) Bret Boone has caught fire.

5.Angels (6) Leaving marks on Mariners' heels.

6.Twins (4) Lose three games and Milton in Baltimore.

7.Red Sox (7) Pedro looks better than ever.

8.Athletics (8) Much too good for third place.

9.Giants (10) This team's about more than just Bonds.

10.Dodgers (11) Ishii has 8.10 ERA in past four starts.

11.Cardinals (9) Can they hold off the Astros?

12.Astros (13) Oswalt pitching deep into games.

13.Reds (14) Should be satisfied with third place.

14.Expos (15) Won 24 one-run games, best in majors.

15.Mets (12) Not exactly making a push here.

16.Orioles (18) Richard and Conine welcomed sights.

17.White Sox (16) Second base belongs to Willie Harris.

18.Marlins (17) Reeled in a great catch in Burnett.

19.Phillies (20) Rollins has been terrible since break.

20.Blue Jays (21) Team looks better without Delgado.

21.Rockies (22) Will Hampton lose 20 games?

22.Pirates (19) Great ballpark. That'll suffice for now.

23.Indians (23) Dave Burba? We give up, why?

24.Cubs (25) McGriff with more RBIs than Sosa?

25.Royals (24) Knoblauch should sit home, count rings.

26.Padres (26) No speed, no power, no chance.

27.Milwaukee (30) At least Jeffrey Hammonds isn't hurt.

28.Tampa Bay (29) Just waiting for Bucs' season opener.

29.Rangers (27) Losses don't come cheap, you know.

30.Tigers (28) What's Sparky doing these days?

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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