Grandeur too costly for new high school If Tanika...

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August 11, 2002

Grandeur too costly for new high school

If Tanika White (Sun article 8/04/02) thinks that Howard County residents are upset over the cost of the new Reservoir High School in Fulton, wait until she hears what they have to say about the proposed 12th high school to be built in western Howard County.

Reservoir High School is serving as the prototype for the new high school to be situated across the road from Mt. View Middle School in Marriottsville. In fact the mirror image of the Fulton school, but 10,000 square feet larger, will be placed on land that is 40 percent smaller than the land on which Reservoir High sits.

The proposed high school will also provide less parking and fewer athletic fields than needed for school sports programs. And while the Fulton school, compared by The Sun to a "small college" will house 1,300 students, the school to be built in Marriottsville on less space will house even more students.

The Sun deserves kudos for strategically placing the article on the Fulton school next to the article on how Anne Arundel's school superintendent is saving money on construction in that county.

One can only wonder what the Arundel superintendent would say about the commons area and large atrium built to "serve student needs" in Reservoir High School.

With a gym, auditorium, an auxiliary gym, dance labs, weight rooms, art suite, student government offices and fields, what "needs" might be served by the wasted space of the atrium and commons area?

The Arundel administrator rightly points out that schools need to be "durable and functional and places to be proud of ... but need to be short of grandeur." The Fulton school, with its atrium and indoor putting green, is an indicator of Howard County school planners running amok, taking taxpayer money with them at every turn.

It is too late for taxpayers to do anything about the Reservoir High School. It is not too late for Howard Countians to do something about the proposed 12th high school in Marriottsville. Taxpayers need to let elected officials know NOW how we want our money spent. This election year, we should speak with our votes for council members, county executive and school board candidates who will take our concerns seriously and will take a stand against poor school planning.

In the meantime, ask council members and the executive not to fund projects such as the new planned high school, because of its wasted space, and placement on an inadequate site.

M. Linda Martinak, EdD


Residents don't need more grocery stores

The article "Future Giant stirs fears" brings out a point that Giant Food and others are focused on competition. But what about what the community or area needs ? Not another grocery store. The area does not even need another strip mall.

I lived in Santa Clara, California, for several years and that place is overflowing with stores and strip malls, all lined up side-by-side. This part of Howard County is just about a duplicate of Santa Clara.

Give the area something that it does not already have. We have seen so many good smaller businesses die out because a large fish enters that area only to compete and eat the smaller businesses up.

The county needs to make their decisions based on what the needs of the community and the people are, weighing the pros and cons to the existing businesses, traffic increase, crime increases, and just to say "No" more often.

Matt Fatig


Long Reach resident shops elsewhere

I have lived in the Village of Long Reach in Columbia for six years. I am two blocks from the Long Reach Village Center. I despise shopping there and never do. I also think a Giant on Center Park Drive is wrong as well. We need more competition, not a stronger monopoly.

I would rather see a new Weis Grocery Store or a Fresh Fields. Your article failed to mention the enormous Giant grocery store just a few miles away in Elkridge.

A Giant on Center Park Drive will only strengthen Giant's choke hold on Howard County. With the recession, I have started shopping elsewhere. Giant's prices are too high.

Thomas Frogh


Supporting Tevelow for school board

I have known Board of Education candidate Barry Tevelow for the last 12 years. Not only can he articulate a vision, but he also has the knowledge and ability to back it up with actions. As founder and Board Chairman of the award-winning Teen Community Forum, hundreds of our youth have reaped the benefits of his efforts. In 2000, Barry was nominated for Volunteer of the Year.

For the last several years, Barry has worked to improve the school system. He knows the budget inside and out and has provided testimony to the county executive and county council. He believes resources are being wasted, at the expense of our teachers and children.

Barry believes each child should have the opportunity to reach his/her potential. Implementation and details are the key.

Barry has provided successful models on how to include the public in the educational process, close the achievement gap, restore equity, ensure accountability and raise teacher salaries.

By electing Barry Tevelow we will significantly improve the way the Board of Education conducts its business on behalf of the public and our children.

Stacey Engel


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