IRS tables offer guidelines for retirement withdrawals

New rules lower minimum that must be taken out

Dollars & Sense

August 11, 2002|By Neil Downing | Neil Downing,PROVIDENCE JOURNAL

The U.S. Treasury in April came up with some new tables one may use to figure out how much to withdraw, at a minimum, from an IRA, 401(k) or other such retirement savings plan. How does one get a copy?

Just call the IRS' toll-free publications line, 800-829-3676. Ask for your free copy of the supplement to Publication 590. The agency will mail a copy to you at no charge, said IRS spokeswoman Peggy Riley.

Make sure you ask for the supplement, not Publication 590 itself, because Publication 590 has the old tables. The supplement is a 16-page booklet that includes new tables you'll need to help figure out the amount of each minimum withdrawal. There are tables not only for owners of IRAs and other such plans, but also for beneficiaries who have inherited IRAs.

The new tables let you withdraw less, so you'll save money in taxes because each withdrawal is generally subject to federal income tax, and there'll be more money remaining in your account, so there will be less chance of exhausting your savings in your retirement years.

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