Profile: Dawani Fladger

August 04, 2002|By Alex Koustenis

Dawani Fladger

Position: Offensive tackle

College: South Carolina State

Who he is: Fladger was a rookie free agent who joined the Ravens during the off-season. He started 21 of South Carolina State's last 22 games and played all 11 games as a senior, helping the Bulldogs' offense to more than 350 yards a game. He also blocked two extra-point attempts.

How he feels about being away from home: "Of course you miss your family, but right now it's about business. I'm just coming up here trying to do what I can to make this team."

Which Raven he admires: "In college, I always admired Jonathan Ogden. He was one of my favorite players, even though I play the right side. But I came here and I asked him to show me the ways. He took me in and showed me the ropes. He's a great teacher."

How he spends his free time at training camp: "There's really no down time. But I open the playbook because the playbook is the most important thing. The physical aspect of football hasn't changed, but learning those plays and making the right calls is essential."

What he brought with him: "I didn't bring any games or anything. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Once I make the team, then I can concentrate on those things later."

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