Redskins coverage welcome, no `disgrace' So Jeffrey...


August 04, 2002

Redskins coverage welcome, no `disgrace'

So Jeffrey Werner finds it "an utter disgrace" that your paper covers the Washington Redskins. No doubt, then, he is also outraged because The Sun devoted space on Sunday's front page to stories about the mine disaster (none of the miners is from Baltimore), the Ukrainian air show tragedy (ditto) and the ballot controversy surrounding Washington's mayor (D.C.? Horrors!).

I read The Sun although I don't live in Baltimore. I barely skim stories about the city, but I recognize that other readers care deeply about Baltimore and ought to be able to read about it. There are a lot of Sun subscribers throughout Maryland (and maybe even Baltimore) who care about the Redskins. We appreciate the coverage of our team and have to accept as reasonable the overwhelming proportion of space devoted to the Ravens.

Thank goodness, The Sun, and I hope most readers, don't share Mr. Werner's rabid provincialism. How would that attitude support Baltimore's campaign to lure D.C. area residents to relocate north or encourage them to continue supporting the Orioles?

If Mr. Werner really does relegate such stories to the bottom of his bird cage, I'll bet his bird is a lot more open-minded than he is.

Donald L. Hymes Edgewater

Too much Redskins? Go to next article

In response to the reader from Bel Air who finds utter disgust in your paper's coverage of the Washington Redskins, I would like to state that the coverage is not enough.

When last checked, the sports section had 14 pages of articles ranging from football to bass fishing to reach a cross section of sports fans. If one sports article does not interest any reader, just as a TV program may not viewed by everyone with a television set on, then that reader should move to the next article.

Dennis Nelson Columbia

Maryland is home to two NFL teams

Here we go again. It's football season, The Sun dares to cover both Maryland NFL teams (the Redskins moved out of the District several years ago), and some readers object to Redskins coverage.

Well, get over it, people! Baltimore is no longer the sleepy little town of the 1960s. Baltimore is big-time now, and there are plenty of Baltimore-area residents who follow both the Ravens and the Redskins, and they want to read about both in their hometown newspaper - The Sun.

I don't follow auto racing, so I don't read The Sun's coverage of that sport. I don't think The Sun should omit that coverage just because I don't care. To those readers who don't want to read about the Redskins, I say just skip those articles.

Dennis D. Ford Linthicum

Baltimore-D.C. rivalry left with the Colts

Responding to last week's letter about "Coverage of Redskins is disgrace in this city," I am taking the other point of view that I appreciate The Sun's coverage of that other team that plays its home games in the state of Maryland. It's a wise decision

I do believe the days of hating the Redskins are over. Any so-called rivalry between the two cities died when the beloved Colts left town. It's hard not to miss the daily coverage of the Orioles and Ravens in that other major newspaper south of Baltimore.

Or for that matter, if you lived in the San Francisco Bay area that includes Oakland, you would notice that all the major sports teams in both cities get equal coverage by all the papers, regardless of hometown.

Besides, by 2012, when the summer Olympic Games come to the Washington-Baltimore area - or is it the other way around? - the dividing line will be blurred forever.

Leonard Arzt Silver Spring

Preston should stick with Baltimore sports

The last time I looked, Mike Preston was writing for The Baltimore Sun. If he would rather write about the Washington sports scene (a la Marvin "I still love Baltimore" Lewis), then I suggest he move to Washington and get a job with a Washington paper. If I want to read about Plastic City sports (Washington) I'll buy a Washington paper - which is never!

Joseph Michael Cierniak Glen Burnie

Positive spin on O's won't change results

Don't you just love how the Orioles constantly spin everything in the most positive light? Syd Thrift and company must be taking their cues from the ultimate "homers" - Michael Reghi and Jim Hunter.

According to these unbiased announcers, you would think the O's are knocking at the playoff door. Who are they kidding? Reghi is especially annoying when he "books" an O's victory before a game is completed, and Hunter's ingratiating style is just too much to stomach.

As per their usual custom, the O's are headed for another dismal second half. If the long-anticipated strike is somehow averted, it appears likely the O's will wind up in fourth place for the fifth straight year. So what's new?

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

Don't forget Baines as Fame candidate

In your "Up next" list of Hall of Fame-eligible players in the coming years, you omitted a former Oriole, Harold Baines, who stands a better chance than Albert Belle.

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