Hidden agenda rules county government

Letters to the Editor

August 04, 2002

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor written by Betty Smith of Westminster, with which I am in total agreement.

The letter made clear sense to me because my son was terminated after three months as a HVAC Mechanic 1. He was given no reason, only that they need not give one.

He worked for a private company for five years after graduation and earned his journeymans license. He was very excited to be given the opportunity to work for Carroll County government since his father has been a federal employee for 33 years. He thought it would be better for him.

The day of his termination they sent him on a couple of jobs and when he got back to the shop, they told him he was terminated. He was stunned.

I truly believe with Betty Smith that there is a hidden agenda, because why would they give up on someone young and eager to work. Maybe if they showed him some guidance they might have had a long-term employee.

I hope future employees of Carroll County do not have to go through what my son did.

Maria Brine


Voters should hear candidates debate

I read with interest Howard Libit's article on gubernatorial debates in [the July 28] issue of The Sun. Also, your recent reporting of the latest polling data, showing Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Rep. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. in a virtual dead heat in the governor's race.

I believe this is great for the state, in that now, the voters of Maryland will have the opportunity to realistically, put either party in the state house -- pretty exciting for a state historically known as a one-party state.

In my opinion, the next four to eight years will be the most important in the history of this great state. The decisions made and direction taken will impact the state for decades to come.

Because of the importance of this race, it is essential that the voters be given every opportunity to evaluate these two candidates after hearing their views and plans to address the problems facing the state now and in the future. I also would like to see both candidates refrain from the negative finger-pointing which has been so prevalent in the media reporting.

I, for one, believe, in the end, the voters can be trusted to elect the right candidate if given the opportunity to hear them debate the issues.

In this election, we are fortunate to have two well-qualified candidates to choose from. Let's get on with the debates and may the best candidate win!

Mrs. R.E. Nicolay


Global-warming scare is simply hogwash

If there's any global warming to be found, it can only be from the sheer volume of hot air produced by the environmental lobby and its scare-mongering organizations.

The Sierra Club's letter in The Sun on July 26 is plain false, and is an example of the environmental hogwash continually circulating in the media.

The facts are these. Since the late 1800s earth's temperature has risen about one half of one degree, mostly in the pre-World War II era. If anything, there is currently slight global cooling.

The Sierra Club's agenda is apparent. They're promoting "clean" sources of energy to replace our "dirty" fossil fuels. They don't mention that, annually, all human activity (including fossil fuel usage) produces only 5 percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Nature provides the other 95 percent.

It's easy for environmentalists advancing their own agendas (and budgets) to blame any and all adverse weather conditions on global warming. It's too bad the public doesn't have the time, energy, or interest to examine the junk science behind warming zealots' predictions. It would be amusing to see them laughed out of the spotlight.

Tim Stonesifer


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