Let's look at Lewis' prime numbers

Want to know what it means? Go figure

August 03, 2002|By Alexa James | Alexa James,SUN STAFF

Let's talk numbers.

Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis (No. 52, age 27) just signed a seven-year contract worth $50 million. Should he continue making his average of 181 tackles per season, that means Lewis will be making the equivalent of $39,463.30 every time he knocks the wind out of someone. If he never plays another down, Lewis still pockets $19 million for agreeing to the deal.

But that's just basic arithmetic. What do the numbers involved in Lewis' NFL contract really mean?

Certified professional astrologer Margie Herskovitz from Baltimore offered a numerological interpretation.

Seven Years

In numerology, every number has a corresponding planet. Seven years is a Saturn cycle.

"The Saturn is a cycle of difficulty or challenges that need to be met, and they need to be met in a positive and diligent way," said Herskovitz. "If they are met in the seven-year cycle, the next seven years will be one of reward.

"Apparently, he's being rewarded in the beginning."

Or, Lewis' contract could be the start of his reward cycle. "He may have gone through his first seven bad years," she said. "This may be the year that he's being rewarded for his efforts." Efforts that include six seasons as the Ravens' leading tackler, three seasons as the league's premier tackler and an MVP performance in Super Bowl XXXV.

$19 million

Numerologists reduce all numbers to single digits. Every digit (1 through 10) gives off a specific "vibration." No matter how you do the math, Lewis' record-breaking signing bonus feels good. (Surprise.)

According to Herskovitz, one is the digit of new beginnings, and nine is the number of completion. Added together (1+9 = 10) the total signifies an established foundation launching to the next level.

"He's already been earning a lot a lot of money," said Herskovitz. "Now he's gone over the top."

Power ball

Numerology also recognizes power numbers, those with the same numeral twice: 11, 22, 33, etc. Lewis has got some power.

The digits of Lewis' birth year, 1975, add up to 22, indicating a person of exceptional talent.

A person's complete birthday (month, day, year) divides his lifetime into thirds. Lewis, born 5/15/75, turned 27 this year. Ray Anthony Lewis - this is your life:

The first third (represented by the No. 5) was very uncertain. The second third is under the influence of No. 6 (15 reduces to 1+5), which signals a period of great harmony because it also matches his overall number (5+15+1975 = 1995, which adds up to 24, which reduces to 6).

Lewis will live the rest of his life with power No. 22 (1+9+7+5 = 22).

"The last third of his life will be spent as a higher being or higher soul," said Herskovitz. "Lewis will show himself to be more of a mentor or role model."

However you add it up, those are some good vibrations.

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