PROFILE: Lance Clelland

July 31, 2002|By Alex Koustenis

Position: Offensive lineman

College: Northwestern

Who he is: The free-agent signee started at left guard for Northwestern last year. He had 23 straight starts and finished his college career with 29 starts. Last year, he helped lift the Northwestern offense to second in the Big Ten with an average 442.9 yards a game.

How he feels about training camp: "The best parts are the live scrimmaging we get to do. The worst parts are probably getting used to the no-padded practices."

What you may not know about him: "I'm from Reisterstown. So I don't know if a lot of people realize that I'm getting to come home and play for Baltimore right now. The best place for me to be is here, and I love that."

Who he admires: "I just got done watching the Tour de France. I was a pretty avid follower of Lance Armstrong. Just seeing how hard he works and how much preparation he puts into every stage of the race."

What he brought to camp:"I brought pictures of my family. I'm the middle of five children and I have nieces and nephews, so I brought pictures of them."

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