Late birdies give boost to Lentz in Match Play


July 28, 2002|By SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Bob Lentz birdied the last three holes to finish off a round of 5-under-par 34-32 - 66 at Clifton Park Golf Course yesterday and edged Jeff Amrhein, 35-32 - 67, for the qualifying medal in the annual Match Play championship of the Baltimore Municipal Golf Corporation.

Both players collected six birdies. The finish by Lentz matched a similar effort in last month's Spring Publinx round at Clifton when he opened with 68 and ended fourth. He had one bogey when he missed the 15th green, and Amrhein had two.

The leader, 37, a finalist in this event several years ago, admitted to not driving the ball well, but a solid series of recovery shots kept him in position for birdie opportunities.

Defending champion Tim Osgood was an automatic qualifier and placed at the top of the 32-man draw. At the other end, in a 4-for-2 playoff at 77, Steven McCray and Craig Cuocci each birdied the second hole to claim the spots from Daniel Urban and Allen Bailey.

Double rounds today at Forest Park GC and Saturday at Pine Ridge GC will reduce the field to two, setting the stage for Sunday's final at Mount Pleasant GC.

Qualifying round

At Clifton Park

GC First-round pairings: Tim Osgood (-) vs. Craig Cuocci (77); Drew Forrester (73) vs. Mark Joyner (74); Tim Elliott (70) vs. Jeff Dwyer (75); Blair Laubach (71) vs. Mark Muneses (75); Charlie Narciso (70) vs. David Nelson (76); Kurt Klebrowski (73) vs. Brent Ruark (74); Mike Castrilli (70) vs. Ross Ellberg (75); Peter Jahries (72) vs. Greg Ruark (74). Bob Lentz (66) vs. Steven McCray (77); Bill Johnson (73) vs. Todd Schneider (74); Billy Wingerd (70) vs. John Flynn (75); A.J. Bachmann (71) vs. Tom Kersch (75); Jeff Amrhein (67) vs. Al Medlin (76); Jonathon Ziegler (73) vs. Dan DePriest (74); Lance Bajkowski (70) vs. Walt Kraft (75); Jim Hickey (72) vs. Chris Baloga (74).

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