To Our Readers

July 28, 2002

Today is a new day in The Sun -- the first in many years without Ann Landers' daily advice column. Landers passed away June 22, and her final newspaper column appeared in yesterday's editions.

We are considering several possible successors to Landers, including the column that appears on page 4 today: Annie's Mailbox, compiled by two writers who had worked closely with her.

Over the next week in the daily Today section and Sunday's Home & Family section, we will publish a variety of advice columns. Tell us which ones you like and which you don't. We'll consider your comments as we decide which will succeed Ann Landers.

Mail your comments to Ann's Successor, c / o Features Department, The Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, or e-mail them to

FOR THE RECORD - An e-mail address listed in a note to readers on today's Home & Family section cover is incorrect. The correct e-mail is:
The Sun regrets the error.

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