New magazine to tell the full story on women


July 28, 2002|By Halle Gaut | Halle Gaut,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Living life to its fullest" is Grace magazine's mantra. This new publication caters strictly to, as editor-in-chief Ceslie Armstrong puts it, the "full-fashioned" woman.

In its first issue, Grace has filled its pages with tasteful fashion stories on swimwear, romantic summer clothes and fun summer shoes.

Grace evolved from Arm-strong's own journey. Growing up in the South and coming from a family of full-figured women, she remembers many great messages being instilled in her. Two inspired her to start this endeavor: "You are gorgeous" and "Always have style and grace," as her grandmother Pauline would say.

Armstrong's timing is good, considering that statistics show plus-size apparel sales are growing.

Grace is available at newsstands. The next issue is due out in August. It's currently a quarterly, but starting next year it will publish bimonthly.

For additional information, see the magazine's Web site, www.gracestyle. com.

A great time

Bulgari -- known for outrageously fabulous jewelry -- does watches, too.

The Aluminum Chrono watch is classic, but a black rubber wrist band paired with aluminum detailing and a red-tipped second hand give it a modern feel.

The Bulgari Aluminum Chrono also has chronograph features and keeps the date. For $2,750, that's the least it could do.

Available at Bulgari stores nationwide, or, to order directly, call 800-BULGARI.

Stop scratching!

Summer is still going strong, as are the mosquitoes and other skin-munching insects. Tired of turning to the Bactine in your medicine cabinet? Another type of relief is in sight.

The Petro-Carbo Salve, an original remedy dating back to 1868, is packaged in a petite, easy-to-carry tin. Nicer to use than messy liquids, this salve contains phenol, a topical analgesic. It is good for skin that has been exposed to the elements and provides temporary itch relief from bug bites. Or try Menthol-Camphor Ointment to ease a summer cold.

For more information or to buy, log on to www.bigelow or call 800-793-LIFE. A large tin costs $8.95.

Breck is back

Remember the special gold formula? The even more special, ultra-famous ad campaigns featuring those gorgeous Breck Girls?

Well, Breck shampoo is back and even better than before.

Himmel, the company handling the relaunch of Breck, has left almost all the shampoo's most memorable attributes intact -- including its signature fragrance and original packaging. The only difference worth noting is that the makers have evidently updated the cleansing formula to meet today's standards.

Breck comes in both normal and dry formulas and is available at drug stores and mass-market retailers for $3.

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