There's no benefit to expanding playoffs I find it...


July 21, 2002

There's no benefit to expanding playoffs

I find it difficult to believe that Mr. James M. Hall is really serious with his suggestion to expand the number of playoff teams in baseball ["Expanding playoffs would help baseball," July 14].

The season is already too long, the players and owners too greedy and very much overpaid.

The long-suffering fans are paying the freight for the entire lot with the outrageous ticket prices they must pay! Not much can be done now to save baseball from its inevitable, headlong drive to self-destruction.

Perhaps decreasing the number of games, reducing player salaries to reasonable levels, putting a cap on the profits the greedy owners make, and lowering ticket prices could help stimulate fan interest.

Throw in a few day games during the summer vacation, with bargain ticket prices, to give younger fans a chance to see a game or two. These things might help.

Certainly, turning losers into winners by lengthening the season can only make fan dissatisfaction worse.

Ron Parsons Glen Burnie

In Ravens logo suit, root for the `little guy'

The saga of the NFL vs. Baltimore's little guys continues, and once again the NFL has set its sights on keeping the little guy from getting what he deserves.

For many years, the city was denied a team, and now it continues with denying Fred Bouchat compensation for his Ravens logo design. The NFL has never understood this town and its people and never will. A signed helmet for Mr. Bouchat would have been enough in the beginning and we fans could have kept the classy logo that we truly loved -- especially since it was designed by one of our own.

It is a ridiculous and arrogant argument that no matter what the logo looks like, the "little guys" will buy the merchandise anyway. Given a choice between collectibles with the "Flying B" or merchandise with the silly little cartoon bird, I'll buy Mr. Bouchat's logo every time.

It's interesting how when Peter Angelos, with all his power and resources, cries over the parity between the Ravens and Orioles, he gets his $10 million pretty quickly. After dragging the little guy from Pigtown through the courts, let's hope Mr. Bouchat truly has a jury of his peers who finally and morally do the right thing and give him his $10 million.

Too bad they don't have the power to force reinstatement of the real logo.

Toni Adams Reese Ellicott City

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