A student's needs not being met I would like to...

Letters to the editor

July 21, 2002

A student's needs not being met

I would like to respectfully disagree with Howard County School Board Chairwoman Jane B. Schuchardt who said that those parents who requested transfers from failing Howard County Schools were simply looking for open enrollment, and "it's not because the schools aren't providing them with their needs." Just because our child may not be considered "low-performing" does not mean he is having his needs met. Children in an environment that is consistently unruly and disruptive are not having their needs met.

Further, if your child is in a school that is not willing to talk to and work with parents, it is difficult to have much faith that things will improve. If I felt that the school was meeting my child's needs, regardless of their test scores, he would remain. However, it is not, and we requested a transfer.

Further, I also believe that many parents did not request the transfer because they were unaware of the opportunity. The only communication we received was one piece of paper stuck in a stack of other papers that were sent home on a Friday afternoon. If parents did not read it carefully, they would have no idea the opportunity existed. I am regularly on the Howard County Public School Web site, which is how I found out about it. There was nothing posted on our school's Web site. Whether this lack of communication was intentional or not, I think that the school board is deluding themselves if they believe everyone made a conscious choice not to transfer their children and that all of their needs are being met.

Tammy Farmer


Exercise free speech: Say no to Tung's bid

Mary Beth Tung moved into Clarks Glen knowing that she was part of a Homeowners Association. ("GOP's Tung defies ban on political event," July 16). Being a part of that association obligates her to follow the rules and respect the other homeowners. By having her fund-raising event in the community gazebo, she violated her agreement and showed contempt for her neighbors. This is not about free speech, but rather Ms. Tung breaking the law. I hope her homeowners association charges her with trespassing. I also hope that the voters of District 13 exercise their free speech on this lawbreaker and say no to her bid to go to Annapolis.

Melody Higgins

Ellicott City

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