County government a disappointment Regarding the...

Letters to the Editor

July 21, 2002

County government a disappointment

Regarding the article "Tense feelings surface in Carroll government" (July 4). As a physician with staff privileges at Carroll County General Hospital beginning in 1996, I looked forward to purchasing a home and becoming part of the community after getting to know a little bit about the area. When I learned of the county government structure, I began to follow news of local political decision-making as well as the behavior and comments of the county commissioners. This information came not only from newspaper articles and editorials but was, perhaps more importantly, a frequent topic of my many conversations with very knowledgeable Carroll County residents, many of whom have lived there for years. I greatly enjoy spending time in Carroll County and I have met many wonderful people there, but I never did buy a house or move to the county, and the single most important reason why I didn't was my disappointment with the structure and the administration of the county government. It could, I believe, be improved.

J. Ross Slemmer


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