Team rankings

July 14, 2002

Team Peter Schmuck's comment

1. Yankees (2) Should be able to cover payroll tomorrow.

2. Braves (3) Suddenly seem unstoppable.

3. Mariners (1) Not out of the woods in AL West.

4. Red Sox (6) Can't afford to let Yankees out of their sight.

5. Twins (9) Clearly don't deserve to exist.

6. Dodgers (4) Starting to cool off.

7. Diamondbacks (5) Just lying in the grass.

8. Athletics(13) So pitching really is everything, huh?

9. Giants(8) Creatine Kid almost jacks two in Milwaukee.

10. Angels(7) Still putting pressure on the Mariners.

11. Cardinals (10) Still best team in NL Central.

12. Reds(11) Home record is a big hurt.

13. Expos (12) Poor impression of rich team, or vice versa.

14. Marlins(14) Stuck in the middle of NL East.

15. Astros (23) Finally trying to make a move.

16. Orioles(17) Better than advertised.

17. Mets (15) .500 isn't going to get it done.

18. White Sox (16) Gearing up for next year's All-Star tie.

19. Rockies (18) Mountain is way too high in NL West.

20. Indians(21) Breaking up is hard to do.

21. Rangers(24) AL's winningest last-place team.

22. Pirates(22) If nothing else, the eye patches are sexy.

23. Phillies(19) Padilla rested for second half.

24. Cubs (25) New manager won't make any difference.

25. Padres (20) No joy in Mission Valley.

26. Blue Jays (26) Flying south for the summer. 27. Royals (27) If market was any smaller, it would be a 7-11. 28. Tigers(30) Certain to move up after contraction. 28. Brewers (28) All-Star Game was black-tie affair. 30. Devil Rays(29) Hey, aren't you guys the Seattle Pilots?

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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