Fun with your footsies


July 14, 2002|By Mercedes Suarez | By Mercedes Suarez,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Who says your shoes have to match? Not the Majorcan shoe company Camper, which features a funky line of asymmetrical footwear called Twins.

These shoes are perfect couples, different yet complementary. For example, a pair of flip-flops pictures whole fruit on the bottom of one shoe and halved fruit on the other, or a pair has a design or phrase that carries from one shoe to the other (She loves me ... She loves me not.)

If you're tired of scuffing about in the same plain summer sandals, these are sure to add a surprise to your wardrobe. Twins come in a variety of forms and styles, including flip-flops, sneakers and flats, with designs to match any taste.

Camper, known throughout Europe for its style, wit and comfort, is just making its way to America. You can order shoes or a catalog by calling the Manhattan store at 212-358-1841. Camper's Twins line is also sold online at Prices hover around $125.

Curled up with a good look

Want to do something fun and different with your hair without having to worry about the effects of heat and humidity? Hair extensions are all the rage with celebrities who want versatility and style.

Put on Pieces is a line of hairpieces that makes this trend easy and affordable. The line, consisting of easily attached ponytails, knots, falls, and braids, has been worn by such celebrities as Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City and Lisa Kudrow on Friends. Try adding knots or braids to your hair for something funky. If you have short hair, you can add length for evening glamour. The hairpieces come in 27 shades to achieve a natural effect. Put on Pieces are available at Nordstrom, and the price ranges from $15 to $85.

Low maintenance clothing

In this fashion-fickle society, there is one label that is gaining popularity and keeping it: machine washable.

Busy women are fueling the craze for easy-care clothes that can be worn all day -- and then go straight into the washing machine.

Demand isn't the only factor; technology has played a part.

Advancements in fabric technology allow a repellent such as Teflon -- the coating on your pots and pans -- to protect garments from staining, and preshrinking and wrinkle-resistant processes allow for gentler trips through the wash cycle.

For this fall's expanded Carefree collection, Liz Claiborne will offer stain-free garments in a bi-stretch fabric that blends polyester, rayon and Spandex as well as a polyester microfiber that mimics the look of silk.

Wrinkle-free cotton and linen garments, introduced a few years ago, have been a hit from the start, says Trish DiPette, vice president of marketing for Liz Claiborne.

The company pledges that the size, shape and hand of garments will remain intact for at least 20 trips through the washing machine and dryer. -- Associated Press

We smell a mood change coming on

So you finally made it to that summer vacation and all you want to do is relax? Or perhaps the sun and heat have zapped your energy and you need something refreshing and invigorating.

Building on its popular Alive fragrance, American Eagle has created AliveRelax and AliveRevitalize, two new scents designed to soothe or brighten your mood. Smooth on body lotion with calming jasmine, aloe vera, and moisturizing shea butter and go curl up with a book. Or spritz on a revitalizing mix of citrus extracts and grapefruit oil.

American Eagle's AliveRelax and AliveRevitalize come in body spray, $10.50, body lotion, $8.50, and body wash, $8.50. Visit for information and store locations.

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