Yousuf Karsh, 93, a photographer who gained...

Deaths Elsewhere

July 14, 2002

Yousuf Karsh,

93, a photographer who gained international prominence with his 1941 portrait of a defiant Winston Churchill and photos of public figures such as Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway, died yesterday in Boston of complications after surgery.

Mr. Karsh's subjects included 12 U.S. presidents, plus artists and other celebrities.

His photographs are included in permanent collections ranging from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the National Portrait Gallery in London.

"When you look for one picture to sum somebody up, it's always his picture you'd pick," said Roger Eldridge, his European agent. He was catapulted to international fame with his 1941 portrait of Churchill.

Harold Banke,

85, a former Georgia appellate judge who filed a lawsuit to keep from retiring at age 75, died Tuesday of respiratory failure at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Judge Banke filed a lawsuit challenging the mandatory retirement law when he was told to retire at age 75 or forfeit his position. He did not win, but soon was appointed senior appellate court judge.

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