VCR/DVD player by SONICBlue adds MP3s to the mix


July 04, 2002|By Kevin Washington

SONICBlue has introduced another combination DVD player and video cassette recorder in its effort to keep up with the times. This one adds MP3 playback to its list of features.

The Go Video DVR 4200 dual deck ($230) enables you to watch a DVD while recording a television program with its four head Hi-Fi VCR.

If you have a DVD that is not copy-protected, you can use the one-touch copy feature to make a VHS duplicate.

The DVR 4200 has component, S-Video, composite and RF video outputs with both analog and digital output. But it does not have a connection for an optical cable like several other DVD players we've reviewed, nor does it support a 5.1 stereo speaker system on its own. If you have a newer stereo receiver with the Dolby digital decoder, you can run your sound through that and get the 5.1 stereo sound.

The one we tested performed flawlessly and even gave me the ability to perform a one-button, 30-second fast forward through commercials when watching recordings on the VCR.

MP3 playback on CD-R and CD-RW discs through the DVR 4200 hooked up to a stereo system certainly creates far better sound than through computer speakers. You also can listen to regular CDs, although the DVR 4200 will not play video CDs created on computers.

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