Dance composition wins at state level

Student achiever

July 03, 2002

The student: Jenni Frederick, 17

School: Oakland Mills High

Special achievement: Jenni took first place at the state level in the National PTA's Reflections program for her original dance composition. The theme for this year's Reflections program was "I hold in my hand ... "

The dance: Jenni has participated in the children's dance division program at Towson University since she was 2 years old. Her favorite dance form is jazz.

Lessons learned: "What I learned from choreographing my dance for the competition is that the first time you choreograph it is not the way you're going to end up doing it," Jenni said. "You have to be open to change."

Her plans: After graduating from high school, Jenni hopes to study to become a kindergarten teacher. She plans to give dance lessons on the side.

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