Explosive devices found in man's home


A 30-year-old Sykesville man was charged yesterday with possession of destructive devices, after authorities said they found evidence that he was making pipe bombs and offering them for sale.

Peter Schindelbeck of the 7400 block of Village Road was arrested after an investigation by the state fire marshal's office and Sykesville Police Department.

A search of his apartment at 9 a.m. yesterday turned up five explosive devices with evidence of explosive manufacturing, said W. Faron Taylor, a spokesman for the fire marshal.

The devices ranged from 2 1/4 inches to 4 inches in length and were an inch in diameter.

Taylor said that while relatively small, the devices had the potential not only for serious injury, but "they could also kill someone."

Authorities were investigating the extent of Schindelbeck's alleged manufacturing and distribution.

Schindelbeck was taken into custody without incident at the state's Springfield Hospital Center, where he works as a rehabilitation specialist with a private company.

He was being held last night on $20,000 bail.

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