Lehigh Portland gets waiver for fuel tank site

May 30, 2002

Carroll County's Board of Zoning Appeals granted Lehigh Portland Cement Co. permission yesterday to build a 3,000-gallon, above-ground fuel tank closer to a residential area than would normally be allowed.

The county's zoning laws say such a tank should not be closer than 1,000 feet to a residential area. Lehigh, located in Union Bridge, plans to install its tank about 825 feet from the nearest property.

After hearing testimony from several Lehigh representatives, board members said they were sufficiently convinced that the tank's double-walling and sophisticated alarm system would prevent accidents that might endanger residents.

Only one resident, Thomas Krug, attended yesterday's hearing to object to the tank. He said he was mainly concerned that the decision would set a precedent for other industrial companies looking to build tanks near residential areas.

Krug said he believed Lehigh's tank would be safe.

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