Public works department announces road projects

May 28, 2002

Carroll County Department Of Public Works has announced road construction projects for this week.

For information on the projects below, contact Carroll County Bureau of Engineering, 410-386-2171.

Pipe work: Buckhorn Road from Route 97 to Woodbine Road; Gillis Road from Woodbine Road to Route 27; Hoods Mill Road from Route 97 to Woodbine Road; Old Kays Mill Road from Kays Mill Road to Hughes Road.

Road widening: Gorsuch Road from Route 140 to Center Street.

Bridge painting: Linton Road bridge.

Waterline installation and grading: Hollenberry Road from Obrecht Road to the end.

Waterline installation: Obrecht Road, from Wimmer Lane to Harlan Lane; Raincliffe Road from Route 32 to Slacks Road.

Bridge replacement: Houcksville Road Bridge, from Route 30 to Carroll Street.

Road construction: Ladiesburg Road, closed at Route 75.

Road widening and improvements: Uniontown Road from Rockland Road to Springdale Road.

Road improvements: East Main Street from Route 97 to 140 Village Road.

For information on the projects below, contact Carroll County Bureau of Roads Operations, 410-386-6717.

Microsurfacing: Salem Bottom Road from Route 854 to Muller Road; Streaker Road from Route 97 to Woodbine Road.

Patching: Stonesifer Road from Trevanion Road to Feeser Road North; Hawks Hill Road from Old New Windsor Road to Hoke Road; Shaffer Mill Road from Grave Run Road to the Pennsylvania line; Tecklen Drive from Arthur Shipley Road to end; Rebecca Court to Streaker Road to cul-de-sac; Barston Drive from Tecklen Drive to end; Erin Road from Mineral Hill Road to cul-de-sac; Emerald Drive from Erin Road to end; Woodbine Road from Route 26 to Howard County line; Unger Road from Mayberry Road to Basehores Mill Road.

Paving: Black Rock Road from Traceys Mill Road to bridge.

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