Sick of labor woes? Boycott games July 26 If you are...


May 26, 2002

Sick of labor woes? Boycott games July 26

If you are anything like me, you love baseball - the crack of the bat, the pitching duels, the slugfests, the extra innings, etc.

Also, you are sick and tired of listening to the millionaires complain, moan, squabble and hold our sport hostage. It seems to me that both sides are ignoring their real boss, the fan base.

How do they pay all those inflated salaries and line their fine Italian suits with cash? They sell us tickets, and fast food that is overpriced two, three and four times its going price elsewhere. Forget about the price for a beer at the game; it's approaching the price of a six-pack at my hometown ballpark.

And you know what? I pay it gladly, because I love my sport. However, I will not stand for another work stoppage, another season of what-ifs, no champions, asterisks in the record books for strike-shortened seasons.

I am drowning in the reasons I abhor the childish squabble between the players and owners, when even the lowest paycheck for any of them dwarfs what many of us make in a decade.

So, I propose a countermeasure, a pre-emptive strike. I suggest that if the two parties in question don't get their act together and sign an agreement by July 26, that we use that day to hit them where it hurts. I call for a nationwide boycott of baseball stadiums on July 26.

All teams are scheduled to play that day, so our action should have a maximum effect. I want every ballpark to look worse than a Montreal Expos game during the NHL playoffs.

Perhaps this will help them realize what they are tampering with, because the way they are posturing now, it seems they are taking for granted that we will just blithely file into the ballparks year after year like lemmings. No more. Take our game back.

J. Austin Bitner Baltimore

Kudos for rugby story, but don't stop there

The Sun did an excellent article on the increasing number of high school rugby teams at the local private schools ["When players give rugby a `try,' they do it together," April 28].

Unfortunately, you stopped there. I would think as a newspaper you would continue to follow the story by getting their scores into the sports section. You cover almost every other high school sport in that section, why not the high school rugby teams?

It does not have to be a full article, but at least post the scores after each weekend.

Also don't forget that there are four men's rugby clubs in the area. A story on these teams every once in a while would be nice.

Jeremy Haack Parkville

Would slots players ignore the races?

Regarding Jon Morgan's article on the possible acquisition of Maryland tracks by Magna Entertainment from Aurora, Ontario ["Firm renews interest in Md. tracks," May 21]:

There's a downside, if and when our state approves slot machines at Laurel and Pimlico. While profits will be used to increase purses and attract owners of thoroughbreds, slots will result in the public playing the one-arm bandits instead of betting or watching the racing.

Bill Arwady Towson

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