Team Rankings

May 26, 2002|By Peter Schmuck

1. Red Sox: Pedro, Lowe and a lot mo

2. Mariners:Looking over their shoulders

3. Angels: Bearing down on "unbeatable" M's

4. Diamondbacks: Nothing rattles them

5. Yankees: Waiting for room at the top

6. Giants:No rest in the NL West

7. Reds: Bad news on the doorstep

8. Cardinals: Making their move

9. Dodgers: Who woke up Shawn Green?

10. White Sox: Konerko is big dog now

11. Mets: Everyone's alive in NL East

12. Twins: Baseball alive and well in Minnesota

13. Braves: Time is on their side

14. Marlins: Sharks are circling

15. Expos: Winning attitude, but losing altitude

16. Astros: Big move was in the Cards, not Astros

17. Orioles: Tough, tough road ahead

18. Pirates: Nice start didn't hold up

19. Padres: Baseball's winningest last-place team

20. Rangers: Earth to Hicks: What was your first clue?

21. Rockies: Got no game on road

22. Phillies: Not a hopeless situation

23. Indians: Got swept by Tigers. Any questions?

24. Athletics: Almost no resemblance to 2001 team

25. Blue Jays: Great city. Steer clear of SkyDome

26. Tigers: Recently soared into fourth place

27. Cubs: Sliding Pirates help lighten mood

28. Royals: Have the ribs

29. Devil Rays: About that long-term lease ...

30. Brewers: Giving beer a bad name

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