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May 26, 2002

Owens, Glendening bypass panel's choice

Gov. Glendening has appointed a member to the Board of Education who was not recommended by the nominating convention. Gov. Glendening reacted to the recommendation of County Executive Owens to appoint Konrad Wayson rather than the convention nominee Jim Snider to the at-large seat.

Owens herself never contacted, interviewed or introduced herself to Mr. Snider, who among other respectable accomplishments boasts a Harvard MBA, as well as previous Board of Education experience. Rather, Janet Owens had the idea that she, not her constituents, should be privileged to select the board member for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. It is very likely that Mr. Wayson, from the Owens camp, will certainly be a strong supporter of Owens and Mrs. Townsend next fall. Perhaps he will be soft on large monetary requests and provide her some relief from the public outcry for more teachers and needed facilities.

I myself would like to see Mr. Wayson's credentials, other than those that show him as a current contractor to Anne Arundel County Public Schools, to see if he outweighs the merits of Mr. Snider. I am confused as to why Mr. Wayson did not seek the at-large seat until after the convention was held. What strikes me as most particular is that the Honorable Janet Owens did not try to identify a candidate from District 31, where there was not a need for nominating delegation support. Clearly this is a bold, outrageous act of autocratic leadership.

As a member of the nominating convention, I am astounded that my time, talents and personal sacrifices to volunteer and vote for a candidate have gone unheeded by Janet Owens. I will still be steaming over this corruption come November. Meanwhile we can focus our calls on our state delegates to fix this appointed position so that taxpayers are represented when it comes to the Board Of Education spending two out of every three of our county tax dollars. Perhaps consulting other counties in Maryland where citizens are highly regarded by their representatives would be a good start.

D.M. Coleman

Severna Park

Governor dishonors democratic process

Here we go again: The democratic process and the voice of its citizens have been dishonored by the current administration of Parris Glendening at the bequest of the county executive to appoint her friend to the school board after hundreds of citizens spent many hours of time and commitment to choose the future leadership of our local school board during the recent school board nominating convention.

Is this type of arrogance in government what our founders dreamed when they penned our constitution of the people, by the people and for the people? I was a delegate to the nominating convention representing Deale Elementary School PTA and together with many other members from all the PTAs in South County spent numerous hours meeting the candidates in determining who would best bring our school system into a positive academic future. I hope this won't destroy the future visionaries for our community and local school board by keeping those committed to improving our education from becoming future school board hopefuls. I wonder how this political favoritism will affect our children as they learn about democracy in school.

The total disrespect for the will of our citizens must come to an end this November. I ask all those parents who were delegates to the nominating convention to write a letter to the governor, lieutenant governor and county executive and ask them - no tell them - we vote for democracy and the voice of its citizens.

Bob Costa


Owens must pay at the ballot box

Janet Owens must go. I was one of the people running for District 32 [school board] opening, and this was a grueling and time-consuming task. Mr. [Jim] Snider won the right to be on the board but Owens slapped him in the face and myself also. We must stand together and replace her for someone who cares about our county and the process we go through to ensure things are equal.

I'm a resident of the Jessup area and a parent of two, and since the west county is low on her totem pole, we get nothing. I no longer can support Mrs. Owens, and will do my best to help replace her.

David Cope


Committee's work goes for nothing

I want to thank our governor for wasting the time of the Anne Arundel County School Board nominating committee members and the candidates, who I know worked so hard. Why have us all bother, when he can simply pick his choice anyway? Good luck in getting any delegates and candidates next time. It is a totally unfair process.

Caryn Taublib


The writer was a member of the school board nominating committee.

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