`Radar' homes in on local arts events


May 26, 2002|By Faith Hayden | Faith Hayden,SUN STAFF

A new journal offering information about the arts - from opera reviews to critiques of lounge acts - is being tested in Baltimore. Called Radar, the free monthly publication is sponsored by the Greater Baltimore Community Foundation and can be found at businesses and arts venues from the Roots Cafe to the Walters Art Museum.

"We are trying to create a local culture of criticism and an on-going dialogue between writers and artists," said David Crandall, co-editor of Radar and editor of Link: A Critical Journal on the Arts in Baltimore and the World, another local arts publication.

Crandall, who shares editing duties with artist Jack Livingston, added: "Washington D.C. has a great theater scene, reviewed by little publications that help keep the interest going."

The first trial issue contains brief reviews of art exhibitions, music events, theater productions and poetry readings. One discusses prints and photographs at the Thomas Segal Gallery, 4 W. University Parkway. Another describes a typical Monday night at The Taxidermy Lounge, 2322 Boston St.

Reviews are written on a volunteer basis by area artists. A second issue is scheduled for early July.

More information can be found online at www.radarreview.org.

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