Lanz, 15, wins a symphony fellowship

Student achiever

May 22, 2002

The student: Alexis Lanz, 15

School: Oakland Mills High

Special achievement: Alexis was chosen to participate in the National Symphony Orchestra Youth Fellowship. The program pays for the clarinet player to take weekly lessons from a National Symphony musician and enroll in college-level music theory classes. He also attends NSO rehearsals, where he has the opportunity to talk with and learn from professional musicians.

Why he loves the clarinet: "The clarinet is a very versatile instrument," Alexis said. "It can produce almost any type of sound you could imagine, from a mellow sound to a screeching sound. It has an amazing range."

His plans: Alexis hopes to attend a music school after he graduates and to perform either as a soloist or as a member of an orchestra.

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