Office gets report on FBI shooting


The Anne Arundel County state's attorney's office has received the FBI's report on an agent's shooting of an unarmed Pasadena man who was mistaken for a bank robber, a spokeswoman for the office said yesterday.

County prosecutors got the report last week, and can begin deliberating whether the shooting was justified or whether criminal charges should be filed against the agent, said Kristin Riggin, the spokeswoman. She said no decision is likely to be made for weeks.

County prosecutors will also consider the results of the Anne Arundel County Police Department's investigation into the shooting. County police forwarded their report to prosecutors last month.

Neither report includes an account from the agent, who declined to speak with investigators, according to law enforcement sources. The agent, Christopher Braga, returned to active duty last month.

Officials with the FBI public affairs office in Washington would not comment on the status of the shooting review report, saying only that the investigation is continuing.

The agent shot Joseph C. Schultz, 20, in the face with an M-4 rifle during a traffic stop March 1. FBI agents were searching for a bank robbery suspect they'd been tracking for several days.

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