Handicappers show well on wins, miss on exactas


The Sun's Preakness Day picks fared well with win bets, but poorly with exactas.

The horse picked to finish first - or the second choice if the first pick was scratched - won five times in 13 races, or 38 percent. Nine of the 13 races were won by a horse The Sun's handicappers picked to finish first, second or third.

A $2 bet on all the horses picked to win returned $26.40, for a profit of 40 cents for the day.

The exacta combinations suggested - or the remaining combinations for races in which one selection was scratched - produced two winners. A $2 bet on each of the exacta combinations suggested resulted in a return of $33.40, for a loss of $38.60 for the day.

Sun publisher Mike Waller picked War Emblem to win the Preakness. A $2 bet on War Emblem paid $7.60.

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